The DayKnight Festival is a chance for the entire DayKnight community to get together, hang out, and play games. The Winter 2016 event was held on December 17th.

Put the date on your calendars, and keep checking back here, on the Day9.tv forums, and follow @dkfestival for updates!

Who are the DayKnights?

The DayKnights are the collection of gamers that have been drawn together through years of Day9tv content. We are international, come from all backgrounds, and love doing and making awesome things! We’d like you to join us for the fun. The only requirements:

– Learn lots.

– Don’t judge.

– Laugh for no reason.

– Be nice.

– Seek happiness.

We hope to see you at the Festival!


That’s a wrap! (for now)

Eleven streams, tons of games played, cooking, music, even Stormtroopers. The 2016 Festival was...
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Roll Play at the Festival

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Announcing Our First Batch of Streamers

The streamers that donate their time and channels during the Festival are critical to...
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Creatives in the DayKnight Community

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Why We Focus on Getting Players Into Games

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Renovating the Website

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