7 Days to Die with Biu3b1rd

As mentioned here, Biu3b1rd will be streaming a special DayKnight version of 7 Days to Die. While the goal in the game is to build what you need to survive a zombie horde, this DayKnight Festival edition will attempt to accomplish this in characteristic fashion. At minimum, everyone should learn a whole lot. Remember, zombies are DayKnights too.

We’ve got some details from BIu3b1rd:

bIu3b1rd’s 7 Days to Die stream!

As a community, can we come together, build a base, and survive the zombie horde?

Who can join?

Everyone! Anyone can join the stream whether you’d like to play on the server or if you’d like to watch and see if we can survive. And if you are interested in playing, no experience is necessary. The aim is to have a good time. 🙂

How can I join?

Download 7 Days to Die from your friendly neighborhood Steam store. On the main menu, select “Connect to Server”. There will be a bar at the top with different icons. Click on the lightbulb to select “Modded Servers”. Use the following info to log onto the server:
  • Server Name: DayKnight Festival
  • Server Password: DayKnights

What are the game settings?

Most of the settings are the default settings aside from a few tweaks: 24-hour cycles will last only 30 min., loot respawns after 5 days, we’ll only drop our backpacks on death, and air drops will be marked on our maps.
Note that the max number of players on the server is set to 16. If we have more than 16 players interested in playing at the same time, then bIu3b1rd will cycle players in and out of the game. Also, if the server starts to grind on bIu3b1rd’s stream, then she’ll lower the player limit to 8 players and cycle people through accordingly.
Let’s kill zombies!

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