Announcing Our First Batch of Streamers

The streamers that donate their time and channels during the Festival are critical to introducing attendees and visitors to games, and they define the character of the event. We’ve got a great set of streams this time around, and we’re excited to announce some of them here, and let them say a bit about themselves.




Hai! I've been a twitch streamer for 6 years and a community leader/moderator for 3 years. Gaming has been an integral part of my life as I've come into my own through gaming communities, helping streamers, and streaming video games. I've always had a strong passion for gaming and the communities formed from it. Being able to give back to others has always been a core value in my life; it's fulfilling and incredibly important for me to donate my time and energy to help support these awesome communities. I also stream four days out of the week because interactive gaming is so much better than JUST playing the game. I currently stream multiplayer games, the Mass Effect series and Overwatch.




  • DayKnight Time: THURS After Day9 Daily
  • Retro Saturday: SAT @ 9pm Central
  • Overwatch Sunday: SUN @ 5pm Central




I'm a PC gaming, board game playing, music lover on the Internet. I started my channel to join my two passions of gaming and being part of a community. I'm a variety gaming streamer that also casts cooking, board games, tabletop RPGs and more!




  • Mon., Wed. Thurs. 6pm-10pm CST
  • Sat. 12pm-4pm CST (or later)




Hey friend, I'm MOARNial! I've been making electronic music for about 9 years and I’ve been following Day9 since the Starcraft 2 Beta. I’m 25 years old, I live in Quebec City (Canada) and I work at Ubisoft Quebec as a Development Tester. My implication in the Dayknight community started with my remix of The Dig, then things followed up with another remix of Quest for Glory and an original song called DayRock for Dayknight Time. More recently, I completed a one month music production challenge in which I created Mighty Pirate, a homage to The Secret of Monkey Island. Right now I’m working on a bunch of new original songs and making myself a good website!


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