Creatives in the DayKnight Community

Creativity, in some form or another, is an inherent human trait. The inner creative spirit can manifest itself in a variety of amazing and exciting ways. The DayKnights have some amazing and creative people who use a variety of mediums to express themselves. Many are traditional artists, using pens, pencils, markers, paints, and canvas to capture their vision. Others use sewing, yarns, and other textiles to bring to life creatures and crafts. Still others find their outlet in the ephemeral medium of music, spanning many genres and styles to create some magic. And for course, we cannot forget the writers, who use the power of words to convey their ideas, emotions, thoughts and dreams.

Members of the DayKnight community use a variety of methods to connect and interact with each other, to collaborate and build creative collectives. Many use weekly hangouts to connect face to face and support one another. Others use Twitter, Etsy, Discord and the Day[9].tv forums to showcase and share their works. And most recently, with the advent of the “Creative” section of Twitch, the community has found new life on the streaming platforms.  So let’s meet some of these amazing people and highlight their work throughout the year!


Starting in August of 2014, and continuing to this day, the DayKnight Writer’s Hangout is facilitated on a weekly basis by Steppelively and Nomikkh. The hangout was originally created as a support group for DayKnights participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but currently serves many functions – writing assistance, collaboration, and a chance to connect with likeminded people in a relaxed setting. Whether its help with your novel, proofreading assistance, fielding questions about homework, help with making a really good resume and cover letter, or just taking time out of a busy week to meet with some great friends, this intrepid band of DayKnights are there for you!

Even if you don’t have a lot of writing experience, or you want to start but aren’t sure where to go, stop by and chat with the DayKnight writers!

Fine Art and Crafting

I’ll be honest with you, fine reader; this is the section of the community that I have the most personal experience with. For the DayKnight Winter Festival 2015, I hosted “DayKnight Craft Time”, an online crafting circle for DayKnights to show their work and spend time being creative together. From that experience, I’ve had the privilege of watching and working with a number of exceptional DayKnight Artists over this past year. I think it would be best to let their work speak for themselves. Here are some of the projects the DayKnights have been working on this year:

Everyone has their own style and approach, but we are able to learn from one another, inspire each other to create more, and assist when needed. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at creating something new, and learning to paint, draw, sculpt, knit, crochet, or sew, please come and chat with us! And if you have art that you would like to share, come and hangout in DayKnight Craft Time 2016 and the DayKnight discord!


MOARNial – Hailing from Quebec, Canada, MOARNial is a DJ and Electronic Music Producer. He works to create new music on a monthly basis, producing new tracks that are available on a number of platforms. Most recently, his song “Heroes Never Die” (shown above), which uses samples from Blizzard’s hit FPS, Overwatch, was featured on the Battle.Net launcher. He is currently completing a music production challenge, streaming on Twitch for every day of November. One of the songs created in this challenge, “Mighty Pirate” where he recreated the melody from the game “Monkey Island” ’s midi files, and was featured by Day[9] on his stream. If you like what you hear, give him a follow!

This is, of course, a small sampling of this amazing community. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to get out there and express yourself! And if you make something, join the Discord and share with us!

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