More Streamers, More Fun!

The streamers that donate their time and channels during the Festival are critical to introducing attendees and visitors to games, and they define the character of the event. It’s shaping up to be a great set of streamers for this event, and we’re stoked to announce a few more here!

Heroes of Fitness

Heroes of the Storm

Newly partnered on Twitch, Heroes of Fitness shows gamers how to workout and incorporate exercise while playing a variety of games. By providing a supportive community and answering questions from viewers regarding fitness, nutrition, healthy living and gaming, we have helped hundreds of gamers make positive changes in their quality of life. HOF is a featured streamer for Blizzard's game Heroes of the Storm (Tim is a high-level player) and part of the Gale Force Esports stream team. Co-founded by two lifelong gamers, geeks & fitness professionals, husband and wife team: Tim Spencer (Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Trainer, and a former PE teacher, Special Ed instructor & Psychiatric Technician) and Nicole Du Cane (COO at Dragon Door Publications, RKC Instructor, seen in the Kettlebell Goddess Workout, Actor/Dancer/Martial Artist).





Creative (Crafting)

I'm a creative Canadian streamer specializing in yarn crafts (knitting and crochet), as well as sewing and cosplay. I learned to knit and sew from my mom when I was about 8 years, and have continued into adulthood with the passion to bring things to life through this medium. My favourite thing to do is find something that inspires me, like a character, and then create the pattern as I go. Sometimes it makes for some exciting results, and other times it leads to some good frogging. I started streaming at the 2015 Winter DayKnight Festival, and I'm returning this year with DayKnight Craft Time, an online crafting circle that brings together people from the DayKnight community. We laugh, tell stories, and make something new. We're so excited to see you on December 17th - Come craft with us!


See some of the work of Aktaia and DayKnight creators here



Live Roll Play

By day I am a wearer of many hats in the non-profit world. The rest of the time I am a player of games, writer of stories and lover of cats. When I stream it's mostly Heroes of the Storm, Skyrim and Dragon Age. I was a co-founder of DayKnight D&D.



If you're interested in D&D and other live RPGs, or looking for players and DMs, the Festival is a great place to find them!


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