About the Festival


The DayKnight Festival is a chance for the DayKnight Community to get together, en masse, and play games, interact and just generally relax a bit and have fun. It is organized by Day9tv and the DayKnight community and open to anyone that wants to play or just hang out. Additionally, the event provides a way for the community to highlight some of the activities that they are involved in, from starting up new streams, to running established DayKnight events, to projects that move beyond games.

The DayKnight Festival has a few general goals:

  • Have fun
  • Give community a chance to interact more
  • Bring in new players to the community
  • Increase streamer viewer access
  • Continue to build a framework for future events

Contact Information

Streamer Information streams@dayknightfestival.net

Volunteers volunteers@dayknightfestival.net

Admins admin@dayknightfestival.net