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16 May 2017

Handing Off the Festival!!

It’s been more than two years since I took on running the DayKnight Festival. During that time, I’ve had the chance to work with great volunteers throughout the DK community. Behind the scenes, we’ve worked to put together a framework so that others can take over the event, and hopefully it will continue to give the community another way to get together and play games. With that in place, I’m stepping back from leading this particular project to let the […]

17 Dec 2016

That’s a wrap! (for now)

Eleven streams, tons of games played, cooking, music, even Stormtroopers. The 2016 Festival was amazing – thank you to all of you that helped put it together, that took part playing games and making things, and watched all the fantastic streamers that helped make this event unique and awesome. It’s always nice to relax a bit after wrapping one of these up, but we come away from the Festival with lots of ideas for what we can do in the […]

15 Dec 2016

7 Days to Die with Biu3b1rd

As mentioned here, Biu3b1rd will be streaming a special DayKnight version of 7 Days to Die. While the goal in the game is to build what you need to survive a zombie horde, this DayKnight Festival edition will attempt to accomplish this in characteristic fashion. At minimum, everyone should learn a whole lot. Remember, zombies are DayKnights too. We’ve got some details from BIu3b1rd: bIu3b1rd’s 7 Days to Die stream!   As a community, can we come together, build a base, and […]

14 Dec 2016

Roll Play at the Festival

As mentioned here, Nomikkh will be running roll playing games during the Festival. If you’ve wanted to get involved with traditional RPGs, or run some short adventures, we’re posting some Q&As Nomikkh put together. Greetings, DayKnight adventurers!  I hope you are hyped for an afternoon/evening of mystical happenings, dark deeds and shenaniganry.  In the interest of getting as many people playing as possible for as long as possible, here are answers to some questions you may not even know you […]

13 Dec 2016

So Streaming, Much Talent, but where’s WoW?

With the Festival only days away, we’ve got some more great streamers to announce! We’ve got so many different types of streams for this event, we hope you’ll check them all out!  

09 Dec 2016

More Streamers, More Fun!

The streamers that donate their time and channels during the Festival are critical to introducing attendees and visitors to games, and they define the character of the event. It’s shaping up to be a great set of streamers for this event, and we’re stoked to announce a few more here! See some of the work of Aktaia and DayKnight creators here http://nomikkh.net/  

07 Dec 2016

Announcing Our First Batch of Streamers

The streamers that donate their time and channels during the Festival are critical to introducing attendees and visitors to games, and they define the character of the event. We’ve got a great set of streams this time around, and we’re excited to announce some of them here, and let them say a bit about themselves. @Trumpetmcool @MaximusRaeke

07 Dec 2016

Creatives in the DayKnight Community

Creativity, in some form or another, is an inherent human trait. The inner creative spirit can manifest itself in a variety of amazing and exciting ways. The DayKnights have some amazing and creative people who use a variety of mediums to express themselves. Many are traditional artists, using pens, pencils, markers, paints, and canvas to capture their vision. Others use sewing, yarns, and other textiles to bring to life creatures and crafts. Still others find their outlet in the ephemeral […]

05 Dec 2016

Day9tv in 2017

I recently had the chance to talk with Eric Burkhart, COO of Day9tv, over lunch. We met at a small Turkish restaurant on a drizzly day in the SF bay area, a bit of a break amongst the otherwise crazy schedule of running one of the more visible internet brands today. I wanted to ask Eric about what they are focusing on at the moment and what plans they have for 2017. We talked about new content and formatting of […]

30 Nov 2016

Why We Focus on Getting Players Into Games

The DayKnight community comes from all sorts of backgrounds and interests. Some of us are streamers or competitive gamers, some are artists and musicians. Students, professionals, of all ages, we are drawn together in large part due to our love of gaming. We are a global community that has games as a common language. However, we don’t always get the opportunity to interact as much, whether due to schedules or time zone or just the whims of everyday life. The […]