Event Details

The DayKnight Community is a very large community that plays a wide range of games. However, we don’t often get the chance to hangout and play them together. The festival is a chance for us to set aside a few hours, and just play games. It’s like hanging out with friends on the sofa playing our favorite game, except the sofa is huge.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can only play games during this period. We want everyone to have fun, and play as much as they’d like to. We encourage you to stack out your friend list during the event, and keep playing as long as you can fill up games.

Speaking of filling up games…

Getting Into Games


We are currently developing tools in Discord to help you find games and groups to play games with. Check back here, the Day9tv forums, and the Discord channels for more information.

We hope you understand that managing so many players is complex, and trying to put together a stream on top of managing these groups of players is even more difficult. Thanks for working with us.

If you need to reach us, start with the moderators in stream, the admins in the communications system, or ultimately, though contact information available on this site.

Contact Information


The Day9tv team, along with DayKnight community volunteers maintains a very active Discord server. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, we encourage you to download and install the client, create an account, and join our server at DayKnight Discord at discord.gg/day9tv.

If you’d like to take some additional steps to add to how you can use Discord, we suggest you link your Discord account to your Twitch account. Further, we will be providing more information on Discord on what games you should link to your account to make pulling people into games easier.

The Discord server is under constant development. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us there. Additionally, as we add functionality to the system (like new apps and bot functions), we’ll announce these, and try to┬ákeep updated information on the Day9tv forums.

If you run into any issues installing or configuring Discord, feel free to contact Twitch mods in Day9tv’s chat, and we’ll try to help you out. If you run into problems after getting Discord running, you can message the Discord mods in Discord.