Streaming for the DayKnight Festival

Streams provide one of the best ways to funnel players into games during the DayKnight Festival. In return, we get to highlight some of the DayKnight community producing streamed content.

If you’re a streamer and you’d like to be considered for the festival, contact us at streams@dayknightfestival.net.

We base the number of multiplayer (“community game”) streamers on projected attendance to make sure that we have critical mass to keep streams active, since active streams lead to more involved DayKnights during the event. We also look for a distribution of game types to be streamed, with some targets determined by the event coordinators (eg. Starcraft 2 usually has a spot).

If we pick your stream to be included in the featured community streams, we’ll get in touch. However, if we don’t pick your stream, don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. We try to strike a balance between “high profile” streams that will bring in players and new streamers who can use some love such that we can meet our attendance goals.

We don’t play favorites! We’d like to give everyone who wants to stream a chance, but ultimately, we have to make decisions based on logistics and projections. We hope you understand, and will still join us for games, and even consider helping out your fellow streamers, by volunteering or helping them run their shows for the event.